HERE ARE OUR ADVENTURES,                           WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO ?!

A unique experience even for beginners or the first experience, Ortensia, Melody, Ambra and Zoe are waiting for you to take you to see a breathtaking panorama from Valgraziosa to the sea!

Excursions on the Pisan Mountains, Livorno hills, the Apuan Alps, and throughout Tuscany with variable itineraries depending on the events scheduled, also suitable for children and dogs!

Even at night!

Rugged paths, unusual itineraries and breathtaking views across the Pisan Mountains between the slopes of Pisa and Lucca. A new and totally safe experience thanks to our vehicles and our expert drivers!

Two days and one night in our woods, surrounded by nature, An intense activity to move from everyday comfort to the need to survive in safety in a non-humanized environment.

Our philosophy

A territory with a very high tourist vocation such as that of the Valgraziosa cannot fail to take into account the development that especially in this last decade has been given to outdoor activities and nature, food and wine and historical tourism.

The idea of giving a serious and constant contribution to the development of tourism, of sport directly connected with nature and to the culture of slow-travel develops therefore through a whole series of outdoor activities that have in common the frame of Valgraziosa because whoever arrives can feel welcomed as if he were at home.


"All the greatest thoughts are conceived while walking"

(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Visiting the territory on foot is certainly the best way to be able to dwell on the most curious and interesting details, to enjoy the view of the sky and the earth without having to worry about the road we are taking, completely immersed in the world around us.

Our philosophy is to promote quality and experience by contrasting with mass tourism, fast and consumption that little enhances the typicality of a place.

Knowledge and discovery of organic and zero-mile foods, propensity for energy-saving destinations and separate waste collection to pursue sustainable values towards healthier and more real tourism.


"Go to people for opinions and horses for answers"



The idea of using horses to visit the area stems from the desire to revive a model linked to the past but still very modern. The relationship between man and horse is something special that cannot be described in words. Visiting the territory on horseback combines the curiosity of man with the natural course of the animal, a unique and unforgettable experience

Our riding school is already immersed in the Valgraziosa, inside a large olive grove, just a few minutes by horse from the Certosa, from the paths and trails in the Pisan Mountains and from the town, easily reachable by car to give anyone the chance to live a experience in direct contact with nature and the environment, to see the world from a new and wonderful perspective!